Pray for Candace

Thank you and bless you for coming to our website! This site was started on February 7th, 2006, when we were told after an MRI that our just turned seven year old daughter Candace Joy had huge masses throughout her abdomen and right leg. This blog was created to keep you up-to-date on her condition.

Friday, May 26, 2006

From the Pen of Pat II.

May I start by once again ascribing praise unto Jesus Christ the author and finisher of my faith He is and always will be faithful. Secondly let me say thank you again for the constant petitions to the throne of grace for my daughter Candace Joy. She is a walking miracle!

I would like to share with you how I believe God is leading us as a family and some thoughts on our countries illegal alien problem. I would like to say the burden to rescue the children that have been caught in the evil wickedness of trafficking has not lessened through the passing weeks. This past Monday May 22nd I was seeking the Lord for further confirmation on this matter. I was reading psalm 22,52,82,112,142, and Proverbs 22.
This was in line with the day of the month.

When I started to read Psalm 82 I had only got to verse two when I was interupted by Ryan my five year old. Before returning to Psalm 82 I once again prayed and asked if it was clearly His will to pursue this mission. Than I continued reading where I had left off. Let me share the next two verses with you.

Psalm 82: 3,4

Verse 3.
Defend the poor and fatherless do justice to the afflicted and needy.

Verse 4.
Deliver the poor and needy, rid them out of the hand of the wicked.

Now On July 9th, 2006, our family will be returning to Costa Rica to begin intensive language training for six months at intervals of six weeks at a time ending in February of 2007. We seek your prayers as we lean not on our own understanding but looking to the leading of the Holy Spirit in all things.

As a final note I would like to share a brief summary of a sermon by Roger Magnuson at a Iblp conference a few ears ago. He spoke of the four leperous men in II Kings chapter 7. These men had found that the Syrian army had been chased away by God while the inhabitance of Samaria were starving. The four lepers found a feast and after some initial indulgence on their part they made this statement in Verse 9: , "Then they said one to another,we do not well: this day is a day of good tidings and we hold our peace". Brother Magnason explained in the future of the United States we might be speaking spanish due to the large number of immigrants entering our country. If we do not reach them now, said he, "We do not well". While the world argues what to do with tens of millions of Mexicans that are now in our country, we need to realize that God has brought the mission field to us. We now have a nation within our nation. If we ignore this and do-not reach them with the gospel "We do-not well". And who knows as verse 9 continues " What mischief will come upon us".

God bless,


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God I'm Free at last!

You heard it folks our dear little Candace Joy has been officially told she is free of all infection of her bones or otherwise! What a thrill to hear we have finally slayed this monster that had taken over our daughters body in early February! We are happily working on learning to walk without a limp and figuring out how to get white teeth again and stoping her hair from falling out from the stress her body was through. All these things are small items and much easier to deal with than all the life and death issues that kept bombarding us for months. How grateful we are to have our little girl back and how grateful we are to you who have watched and prayed and held our hands and cried. Please keep posted for further stories about how God moved during these past few months in relation to this devestating illness and keep your prayer requests coming for children you know who are suffering as we have a posting for them as well. Other web sites to visit are:
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Friday, May 12, 2006

blood taken today

Dear Friends,

My sweet little Candace Joy got her blood taken today to look for any further infection and to see how her overall health is progressing. We will be talking with the medical team that took care of her at Shands on Monday morning to get all these results and have her checked out again. If you have a moment please go to and see what a miracle it is to have Candace Joy in one piece and even alive! Truly our God is merciful! My husband will be writing tomorrow to fill you in on some near future plans he feel God has for our family.

With much love to all,


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Candace is like a regular girl again!!

Our dear little Candace is starting to run and play and eat almost like she use to. What a joy to see her be with the others at church. and blend in. She has a bit of a limp but we are praying for that to go in time also. She has a blood test this week to see if there are any more signs of infection in her blood. Thank you to all my dear brothers and sisters who keep in touch and want to know the progress. We will post the results of her blood work by the end of the week. To find out more about what in the world it was that Candace had, I found a website that was set up for the disease. It was frightening to read that the disease has a 50-70% mortality rate. To God be the Glory! Go to but watch for the scary photos of the disease. The name of what she had was necrotizing faciatis.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Candace with visiting nurse.

Yes you heard it right folks, our Candace Joy has gained weight for the first time since the onset of this illness in early February! Not only that but the nurse came by today and removed the pic line tubes Candace has had in her since that same early date. We have been giving Candace I.V infusions at home since we got here four weeks ago and the doctors feel we are ready to cut her loose! She still has hepatitis of the liver caused by chemicals but we are confident the Lord will help us overcome this now that we are over the heavy duty meds. Please pray for her in that and that she will walk without a limp someday also. I quess that sounds like a lot to ask for a mom that was pleading for her daughters life two months ago ,but I know we serve an awesome God! Here are some photos of the big day of being unleashed. Tonight we will celebrate with a party out with her big sister Jennifer and the grandkids! We will fill you in shortly on how Candace does without antibiotics. God bless you all, and send your requests for suffering children!

In Christs Name,

Cathy Walsh

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

yesterday at Shands hospital

Dear Friends,

Candace had a good visit yesterday at Shands hospital ,seeing her Orthopedic doctor. She was told her bone was healing and everything looked good. Her blood work came back with some cautions for infection but they are still looking to take her pick line out on Friday night. She will get blood work done twice a month to check for infection. We are very happy to have our daughter without tubes! Please pray she stays infection free! Thanks for being there!

Love Cathy for all of us!

a wonderful Easter

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus.
We had a wonderful Easter at out daughter Jennifer's house and her Children are now completely over the chicken pox. Candace visits her Doctor today at the hospital. We will keep you posted also pray Candace has been having some bad headaches lately.


Cathy for the Walsh Family

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Candace CAN-DO SONG (story below)

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Get Stickam for Free.

on day 39 at Shands I thought I would share what I feel is an
amazing story. During this lengthy ordeal she has been through Candace
would sing a song that almost all of the hospital staff that dealt
with her learned and sang along with her! Particularly when
she was in great pain and had to do something like physical
therapy, when just breathing seemed to hurt, she came up with
singing this song that she learned while attending a
children institute class....

Can do ,Can do, I can do all things through Christ,

Can do ,Can do, I can do all things..

Through Christ , Through Christ, who stengthen'th me,

Can do , Can do, I can do all things.

It got to the point when bad pain would come that the staff would
come in singing the can do song. It got known as the Candace can do
song at Shands Hospital.

Candace visits with friends at Shands Hospital

Players of The University of Florida Men’s Basketball team
which just won the nationals poses with the famous Candace Joy.

Candace was back at Shands for a cat scan that came back with a good result thus far. It appears to show she has had a lot of healing in her bone areas that were showing great infection just a month earlier. Her blood work in the future needs to line up with this cat scan as it shows that there is still inflammation going on. When this happens she will then be able to get off the I.V. drip she receives of antibiotics four times a day. This is an important factor to her current health as she has contracted a form of chemical hepatitis basically meaning that her liver is toxed out from the drugs. Please pray that her next blood tests come out positive. She will be seeing the bone doctor on Tuesday at Shands Hospital. Here are a few pictures from her day at Shands,click on to recent pics to see all of them! Thanks for praying! We feel the strength of your prayers daily!

In Gods Love,